Ask. Listen. Solve. Financial Solutions.

We, Wellman, are an investment company always searching for new horizons. We ask, listen and try our best to solve by providing startups with experience based insight into the world of business. We aim to be wings for companies with no limits for ambition and are looking to share their vision with the world.

We´re also a provider of financing solutions for consumer finance industry. We strive to provide easy and clear solutions to help people to finance their short and long term dreams. From flight tickets to mortgage and everything inbetween.

With total assets under management exceeding 16,7M€, we are one of the leading family investment offices in the Baltic region.

At Wellman, the sky just looks like a limit.
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  • Flexible but firm

    Our terms of service are and will always be flexible as well as adjustable to customer needs, but our general mentality and views are set in stone.

  • Apolitical and friendly

    There is only room for candor and transparency but we believe that anything under the sun can be solved in a friendly, constructive and personal manner.

  • Relentless regarding success

    We understand that being the best requires the most effort, that is why we ask, challenge and analyse anyone and everything until we get the right answer.

  • Disruptive towards stagnation

    Innovation is key and any stagnated market is a potential opportunity to look for new solutions and invest to make the service more safer, efficient and reliable.

  • Strong sense of purpose

    We aim to create our legacy by providing real value to the world. Because of this we see no competition in the sense of vision or ambition.


Wellman is a founding member of Estonian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association.

The network of German Chambers of Commerce Abroad (AHKs) advises, consults and represents German companies worldwide that wish to develop or expand their business activities abroad.

FinanceEstonia is a public-private financial sector cluster organisation with the aim of supporting Estonian economy.